Our Physicians

Dr. Anita Smith, M.D.

Board Certified, American Board of Family Medicine

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Dr. Akkaraju Rakesh Sarma, M.D.

Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine

Board Certified, American Board of Integrative & Holistic Medicine

My experience in medicine has taught me many lessons, one of the most important of which is - in addition to a prescription…time spent with a patient discussing different contexts that affect health go a long way.  I especially enjoy assisting people examine and improve on their current perspectives on health through investigation of dietary and lifestyle habits.  This is often as valuable as a medicine in its own right.


I completed medical school at the AUC School of Medicine and completed my Residency in Internal Medicine at Mercer University, where I was chief resident, in 2006.  I also completed my Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through Dr. Andrew Weil’s program at the University of Arizona School of Medicine in 2011.  In my free time I enjoy classical yoga and meditation, cooking, swimming, playing racquetball and hiking.


I look forward to assisting you in your path to better health and I thank you for your trust in allowing me to do so.  

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