COVID-19 Antibody Testing

If you would like to have antibody testing:

Call the office or submit a request through the portal (use the request new appointment feature) to request a lab requisition.  You will need to provide an e-mail address we can send the requisition to (the e-mail will be encrypted).

If your requisition states it is for Quest Diagnostics use the following link to find a Quest draw station (your insurer determines which lab you need to use)

If your requisition states it is for LabCorp use the following link to find a LabCorp draw station.

When the results come in we will notify you of your results using the method you used to request the testing.

A few super important notes:

Insurance coverage varies widely:

These tests are so new most insurers are still in the process of determining how they will be covered (and if they will be covered as the antibody tests currently being offered have not been fully FDA-approved as of this time - they were developed during the national state of emergency to assist in determining which members of the population have developed antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and are conditionally approved under the FDA/EUA (FDA Emergency Use Authorization) process).  It is very important for you to contact your insurer's member services department to see how your particular benefit plan applies to this testing.


Specifically, when calling your insurer:

1. Ask, "How do my benefits apply to a claim coming through as follows:

CPT Code 86769

Associated with any one of the following diagnosis codes:

Z11.59, U07.1, or Z03.818."


2. Write down:

2A. Their answer;

2B. The name of the person you spoke to;

2C. The "call reference number" - you'll need to request one from the member services representative you speak to and they'll provide it to you.


With this information in hand please convey the covered diagnosis code(s) to us so we may prepare your order to comply with the requirements of your benefit plan.  Note:  the diagnosis code we select ultimately must align with your exposure history.  Here are what the above codes mean:

Z11.59 Encounter for screening for other viral diseases, including concern about exposure for COVID-19

U07.1 Persons with known COVID-19 infection by previous positive testing, even if asymptomatic

Z03.818 Encounter for observation for suspected exposure to other biological agents ruled out, including concern about exposure to COVID-19

If you don't have insurance or want to be direct pay:

First you need to decide if you want to visit Quest or LabCorp as the procedures are different for each company.


LabCorp does require a physician's order, which you may obtain by contacting our office.  You will pay LabCorp $50.00 for the test at the time of your draw.


With a physician's order, which you may get from us, Quest will charge you $55.00 for the test - you will pay Quest directly at the time they draw your labs.  If you go to Quest without a physician's order they will charge you $129.30.

We are not drawing these labs at the office:

In order to limit the number of people in the office to those requiring medical attention by a physician we are not drawing these labs unless they are incidentally drawn during a visit with a physician for another issue.  Your desire to add this on needs to be declared while you are in the office and before we draw your blood - we cannot add this test on after you leave the office.  Otherwise, in order to have your labs drawn you will need to schedule an appointment with Lab Corp or Quest.

If you have questions after you receive your results:

In conveying your results we will provide you with a simple yes, antibodies are present or no, antibodies are not present answer.  Many people have questions about what they should do, think, etc. once they receive their results.

The CDC's position regarding the clinical significance of a positive (antibodies are present) result is in a state of flux.  You should first consult the CDC's website for current guidance.

If, after reviewing the CDC's guidance, you have questions or would like to discuss the matter further you will need to make a telemedicine appointment with your physician.  Please do so by phoning the office or by submitting an appointment request through your portal.  If you are insured we will be submitting a claim to your insurer for that telemed visit.  Coverage for the visit varies by plan - contact your insurer if you are in question as to how your benefits apply.

If you are a direct-pay patient a cost estimate for that appointment will be conveyed at the time of scheduling and is due during your virtual check-in for the appointment. 

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